V-Force Goggles

Providing our paintballers with full face and forehead protection is the responsibility of the goggles - and we offer the premier facemasks on the market in the form of V-Force Goggles. With the best anti-fogging performance on the market, only the best is good enough for us here at Skirmish Paintball Leicester.

Piranha Paintball Gun

6 shots per second, direct vertical feed - what more can you ask for from your paintball gun?! Here at Skirmish Paintball Leicester, we provide all our players with a Piranha marker which is amongst the best performing on the market in both speed and accuracy - and you definitely don't have to worry about it jamming.

Battle Pack

Looking to pack a bit more firepower in your paintballing battles? Then look no further than the battle pack. With room for an additional 400 paintballs, these have come to the rescue of many paintballers who have found themselves pinned down and who need to blast their way to freedom.

Camouflage Overalls

Don your battle fatigues and head out into the muddy, adrenaline soaked Game Zones we have here at Skirmish Paintball Leicester. Our camouflage overalls will give you the opportunity to become one with the woodland terrains before springing out like a coiled cobra and blasting your mates with paint - sneaky paintballers invariably make the best paintballers!

Smoke Bombs

If you're looking to confuse and disorientate your fellow paintballers, the well timed use of smoke bombs can be a great way of doing this. Just when all hope looks lost, many paintballing teams have pulled victory from the jaws of defeat simply by utilising a piece of their armoury - namely, the smoke bomb!

Paintball Gloves

Great for protecting those trigger fingers from any unexpected paintballs careering across the battlefield - we are delighted to offer our participants the use of specially crafted paintball gloves which will minimise the force of impact and ensure that you don't miss your opportunity to take the winning shot!

Body Armour

Ideal for giving the body that little extra protection for paintballs - our top of the range body armour will ensure that none of the paintballs that tag you cause you to break stride - excellent shock absorption qualities and free rental to all our female competitors.