Mini Paintball

Mini Paintball Leicester

Mini Paintball is much like regular paintball – just smaller! It uses the same playing arenas and game structure as it’s big brother, but it uses smaller markers that shoot smaller paintballs (known in the industry as 50 cal) which strike with less impact. The lower impact level makes it ideal for younger players (10-12) and those wanting to get a taste of paintball with less impact.

Mini Paintball uses a special, smaller paintball marker that fires special “50 cal” paintballs instead of the regular “68 cal” paintballs. This allows the guns to be lighter and reduces the impact of being shot significantly, making it more appropriate for younger children than regular paintball. Mini Paintball is also run differently to paintball, with only two games being played before a break and only 50 paintballs per game being distributed to the players to ensure no player misses any game because they have run out of paintballs.

Mini Paintball Sessions last 2 and a half hours. To book a Mini Paintball session you will need a minimum of 10 players.